The coach and trainer for winning arguments and leading people

There are situations in negotiations or debates that resolutely demand finding an answer and not remaining silent. Sometimes an answer on the spur of the moment can work miracles.

One can learn this kind of quick wit. This is exactly the issue in this seminar or webinar: turning speechlessness into quick witted repartee.

To attain these skills there are two preconditions to fulfill: one has to know the basic structures of communication and be willing to practice and practice again. This is precisely the goal of this seminar.

Here the participants are helped to become aware of their opponents’ verbal devices, intentions and emotions when they speak, since these are the basic information for a quick-witted reaction. In addition, it is crucial to know one’s own behaviour patterns in order to minimize possible psychological barriers like for instance “good manners”.

Like in other communication disciplines there are here also tools and strategies to be quick witted. All this is put into practice, from humor to the “interpreter-technique”. So, you will never be speechless again.

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