The coach and trainer for winning arguments and leading people

According to Aristotle’s definition (384 to 322 BC), rhetoric is the art of persuasion through speech.

This means that not only the meaning, but also the voice inflexion and the structure of the sentence play a vital role.

In my rhetoric training I supply the participants with the most important rhetorical rules and knowledge of their effect if used successfully. The point of departure is an analysis of famous speakers from Rome to youtube and their intentions when trying to persuade the audience. From this intention will depend whether they will use metaphors or elliptical speech, as often done by the media, just to point out two evident examples.

As usual in a seminar or webinar, we don’t shy away from humor; we use a great deal of alliteration, chiasmus and tongue twisters. Eventually, you will not only be proficient in them, but will use effectively and confidently the best rhetorical stylistic devices.

After this training you will hear politicians speaking with quite different ears.

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