The coach and trainer for winning arguments and leading people
is an inspiring and talented coach …”

Communication is the most crucial tool we have in order to attain a goal.

Efficient communication – face to face or virtually - however works only if paired with a distinct personal attitude towards life. This is one of the lessons I have learned throughout the different periods of my professional life and I pass it on in the framework of my seminars and coaching.

We are confronted every day with the most diverse conversational situations. We have one-to-one talks, discussions, negotiations, we may give or receive feed-back; we may give a speech or show a presentation in the presence of a possibly critical but never uniform audience. This means: our success depends on our skill to find the right words and in finding the appropriate approach and attitude. And since the pandemic we communicate quite often virtually, which can be an additional challenge.

The main contents of my coaching and training – face to face or virtually - consists in explaining and illustrating the diverse positions participants in any given dialogue can have as well as the characteristics of different dialogue situations, some of which may be experienced as daunting.

I provide the participants with the appropriate tools and explain their usage, adding a human positive and constructive attitude for especially difficult moments. All this is practicable in the familiar and personal environment as well as in the international, inter-cultural and downright foreign context.

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