The coach and trainer for winning arguments and leading people

It often happens that we have not enough time to prepare ourselves with solid arguments or else we must defend points of view we don’t really share.

Especially in these cases it is quite helpful to be able to build up a professional and coherent argumentation.

Topics of the trainings or webinars are the different kinds of communication, the core competence of effective argumentation and an insight in the basics of argumentation in different situations like:

  • 1:1 discussion or debates
  • (virtual) meetings and negotiations
  • (virtual) public speeches or presentations and
  • written argumentation

With different exercises we put the theory into practice. At the seminar’s or webinar’s conclusion, participants are able to “build up” arguments and to express them verbally and in written with persuasion. They can react and negotiate in order to attain win-win situations (or if needed not to) and also deal with difficult questions and personal attacks.

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