The coach and trainer for winning arguments and leading people
“It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”
Mark Twain

In seminars or webinars I can provide techniques and tricks to reach your audience without hindrances and to express successfully your ideas.

We start with a detailed analysis of the probable audience and their possible expectations. This is the point of departure to structure the speech or presentation. Beside advice on how to apply humour and irony effectively, we explain the possible effects of using metaphors, anaphora and epiphora etc. The programme includes also the function of rhetorical questions and the effective use of pauses. Before giving a speech or presentation preparation is vital for its success. 

Another important building stone of my rhetoric training is the analysis of your personality’s structure, because it is a critical fact, that the speech and the presentation should suit you and not the other way round. Only this way can it reach your audience.

Moreover we have to deal with stage fright a looming danger that can defeat the best of speakers. Sounds like a lot of work on yourself, but no pain no gain.

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