The coach and trainer for winning arguments and leading people

How we discover our personal resources can happen by means of practical or theoretical input.

Gestalt-therapy methods can also be useful tools to know one self. Psychometric tests and video feedback during communication or job interview coaching can also be excellent instruments for self analysis.

My guidelines for individual coaching and training are:

  • a good balance between pragmatism and emotions
  • always look for win-win solutions
  • listen and understand differences
  • be able to say “No” when necessary
  • always consider difficulties as an opportunity
  • understand your own personal values and as far as possible understand and accept those of your interlocutor
  • do not get lost in details
  • learn from other people’s experiences
  • diligence, effort and reliability will eventually pay off
  • laugh about yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously

In every instance knowledge is conveyed by means of practical exercises and constructive collaboration – either in a virtual format or as a presence training or session.

My working languages are: German, English, French and Italian.

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