The coach and trainer for winning arguments and leading people

The current services, which I offer are derived solely from my international experience during my previous career in archaeology and the tourism industry.

Having turned my childhood dream of achieving a Ph. D. in Archaeology into reality, l followed projects in Germany and abroad, in which I participated as a scientific collaborator. That is where I learned “to dig deep” and most of all to pay attention to detail.

The TUI world of tourism and later the IT branch of Lufthansa Systems/ DERDATA opened up new international and inter-cultural fields. Moreover, I strengthened my knowledge and experience through work in Italy, Turkey and Egypt as well as through business contacts in the USA, West and East-Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

As a manager and a member in executive boards I learned to develop guidelines for employees and learned to devise and enunciate goals. I realized that most hindrances and rough patches seemed to be connected with misunderstandings and failure to communicate properly. Therefore, I started training as a Systemic Counselor and Coach at the Systemic Counseling Institute in Wiesloch, Germany. Afterwards I completed a psychological training of several years in Transactional Analysis at the Institute for Intercultural Psychology in Heidelberg, Germany.

Coaching and training in communication, rhetoric and leadership are the foundation of DR ULRICH FRIEDHOFF – the coach and trainer for winning arguments and leading people.

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